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Taylor Swift’s Backup Dancer Choreographs ‘So Long, London’ Routine

Taylor Swift's Backup Dancer Choreographs 'So Long, London' Routine

Jan Ravnik, one of Taylor Swift’s backup dancers, recently showcased his talent by choreographing and performing a stunning lyrical routine to Swift’s “So Long, London,” a track from her surprise album ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’ In an Instagram video, Ravnik and fellow dancer Audrey Case Shell displayed graceful movements in a warehouse setting, featuring intricate partner work and acrobatic moves. Ravnik expressed his love for the song in the caption, calling it his current favorite.

The performance received praise from the dance community, including “Dancing With the Stars” pros Witney Carson and Ezra Sosa. Sosa even suggested that Ravnik incorporate the choreography into the Eras Tour, indicating the impact and potential of his work.

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Ravnik joined Taylor Swift’s tour in March 2023, and after a successful international leg, the shows are currently on a break. Swift’s surprise album release in April, ‘TTPD,’ garnered widespread attention and enthusiasm from fans, breaking numerous records in the process.

With the Eras Tour set to resume on May 9th in Paris, fans are eagerly anticipating whether any tracks from ‘TTPD’ will be included in the setlist. Ravnik and his fellow dancers have already arrived in Paris, ready to deliver another captivating performance on stage.