Teacher Assaulted for Promoting Religious Tolerance in India

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Teacher Assaulted for Promoting Religious Tolerance in India

In a disturbing incident of violence against a minority in India, a Muslim teacher was physically assaulted by a Hindutva mob in Ahmedabad. The incident was captured in a viral video on social media, where several men can be seen attacking the teacher in the presence of police and media personnel.

The assault on the Muslim teacher reportedly occurred because he had organized a show on religious tolerance, which included depictions of Muslim prayers. According to the school’s principal, the event was held to welcome a new Muslim student who had been admitted through an educational program.

Subsequently, the school issued an apology and removed the video of the program from its social media platforms. Instead of taking action against the mob responsible for the assault, local authorities have initiated an investigation against the school.

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This incident is part of a disturbing trend of increasing violence against minorities in India during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Recently, another video went viral in which a Hindu teacher was seen instructing students to slap a Muslim student. In response, the authorities closed down the school and filed a case against the teacher involved.

These incidents highlight the need for addressing religious intolerance and promoting harmony and respect for diversity in society. The rise in such incidents is a matter of concern and requires vigilant efforts to protect the rights and safety of all citizens, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.



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