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Amnesty International Urges Government to Restore X

Amnesty International Urges Government to Restore X

Amnesty International has issued a plea for the immediate reinstatement of the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, following its blockage by the government 29 days ago. This call was made in conjunction with 28 civil society organizations, as reported by The joint statement emphasizes the importance of upholding the rights to freedom of expression and access to information, aligning with Pakistan’s international human rights commitments.


The collective statement, endorsed by Amnesty International and various civil society groups, underscores the critical need for the prompt restoration of the platform. It expresses deep concern over the escalating frequency of internet shutdowns and social media censorship, particularly in the context of recent general elections in Pakistan. Such measures not only violate fundamental rights but also stifle genuine political discourse and diversity of voices within the country.

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The prolonged and arbitrary blocking of platforms like X, formerly Twitter, serves as a troubling example of increasing digital censorship in Pakistan. These actions not only silence diverse political voices but also contribute to the spread of misinformation. In today’s digital age, where online platforms play a central role in shaping public discourse, ensuring the free flow of information is essential for an informed society and fair electoral processes. The lack of transparency in these censorship measures undermines Pakistan’s international legal obligations.

The statement highlights the alarming silence of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which has failed to provide justification for its actions and has overstepped its mandate by blocking entire internet platforms. This lack of transparency erodes trust between the state and its citizens and disregards accountability processes.

Furthermore, reports of VPN throttling add to concerns about restricted access to information and violations of privacy rights. Urgent action is needed to reverse the course of digital censorship in Pakistan. The government and public bodies are urged to immediately unblock Twitter/X, repeal laws that enable censorship, and ensure transparency in decision-making processes affecting internet freedom.

The statement calls for transparency from the government regarding decisions impacting internet use for political and economic purposes. A clarification outlining the reasons and legal basis for the recent blocking of X and other affected platforms is demanded. Additionally, future actions hindering the free flow of information and political discourse should be avoided.

Legislative proposals expanding control and censorship over the internet, such as the e-safety bill from the previous government’s tenure, should not be revived. The government is urged to honor Pakistan’s commitments to uphold freedom of expression and access to information under international human rights frameworks.

Signatories to the joint statement include prominent organizations such as Amnesty International, Pakistan Bar Council, PFUJ, AGHS, Bolo Bhi, Media Matters for Democracy, Digital Rights Foundation, and others. This collective call reflects a unified stance against digital censorship and a commitment to safeguarding fundamental rights in Pakistan.