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Discord to Integrate Third-Party Games Soon

Discord to Integrate Third-Party Games Soon

Discord has introduced a new feature called Activities, allowing users to play built-in mini-games directly in voice channels without any additional installations. However, the platform is now set to expand this feature by introducing third-party games in collaboration with developers.

Starting March 18, Discord will provide third-party developers with the necessary tools to build games and apps for the platform. These third-party games and apps will be seamlessly integrated into Discord, similar to the existing Activities feature.

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Initially, Discord users had access to 19 Activities, but now the platform aims for significant expansion by empowering third-party developers through the introduction of the Embedded App SDK. This SDK will enable developers to create their own Activities and offer users a wider range of gaming experiences within Discord.

In an announcement post, Discord expressed its vision of becoming the premier platform for developers to build, share, distribute, and monetize their work. The platform aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem where developers can easily showcase their creations and connect with communities worldwide.

Discord also revealed plans to allow users to link these new games and apps to their accounts, enabling their use beyond specific servers. Developers will have the option to activate this feature, which is set to undergo testing starting on March 18th.