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Elon Musk to Launch X-TV: YouTube-Like App

Elon Musk to Launch X-TV: YouTube-Like App

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has announced plans to launch a television app similar to YouTube for Amazon and Samsung smart televisions. Musk shared this information through a tweet on X, stating “Coming Soon.”

This upcoming feature aims to cater to users who enjoy watching long videos on their smart TV screens. Musk has expressed his intention to expand X into an all-encompassing app, with a wide range of features to appeal to millions of users. X already supports video/audio calls for all users, including those using the platform for free.

According to an unnamed source familiar with the matter, the interface of the app will be “identical” to Google’s YouTube television application. The source also suggested that Musk intends to compete directly with YouTube, which was the most-watched streaming platform in 2023.

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However, Musk did not provide specific details about the upcoming service, such as how it plans to compete with YouTube or whether it will be available for free to all users or restricted to premium subscribers initially.

Recently, X introduced ‘Articles,’ a feature that allows Premium+ subscribers and Verified Organizations to share long-form written content on the platform. Articles can include stylized text, embedded images, videos, GIFs, posts, and links, offering a versatile platform for creators.

Users can format text with various styles such as headings, subheadings, bold, italics, strikethrough, indentation, and lists. Once published, articles can be read and shared by anyone on X, based on the audience controls set by the author.

Overall, these developments highlight X’s ongoing efforts to diversify its platform and offer a range of content formats to its users, enhancing their overall experience.