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India’s First Virtual Influencer Naina Avtr

India’s First Virtual Influencer Naina Avtr

AI is becoming ubiquitous, driving chatbots, selfie filters, and self-driving cars. It analyzes data, offers suggestions, and aids industries in achieving efficiency. The trend has now gone a step further into the metaverse. AI is taking over not just jobs, but also celebrities. Virtual characters like India’s Naina Avtr are gaining stardom rapidly. Naina Avtr was even seen at Mumbai airport. Still skeptical about her existence? We have answers!

Virtual Superstars : 

Virtual superstars encompass computer-generated or AI-powered entities that have achieved fame and garnered a following comparable to traditional celebrities. These digital figures possess distinct traits, appearances, and even narratives. They manifest across music videos, social platforms, live broadcasts, and various digital mediums, challenging the boundaries between real and fictional identities. The emergence of virtual superstars underscores the capacity of technology and AI to craft captivating entertainment and engage audiences through inventive means.

Who exactly is Naina Avtr?

In the year 2022, Naina Avtr, a virtual influencer, was brought into existence by Avtr Meta Labs (AML), a group of AI experts. She presents herself as a fashion model hailing from Mumbai, India, and boasts a follower count exceeding 131K on Instagram. Naina, a 20-year-old digital persona, originates from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, a small-town background. She has recently relocated to Mumbai, with aspirations of achieving success as an actor. Naina extends an invitation to the audience to join her on Instagram and YouTube, participate in her life journey, and partake in her experiences. As a newcomer to Mumbai, she expresses her reliance on the support of her followers.

Abhishek Razdan, the co-founder and CEO of Avtr Meta Labs, expressed, “Through the introduction of our inaugural Digital Avatar, Naina, we are introducing a fresh and unexplored territory for marketers and advertisers. A significant amount of research and meticulousness has gone into Naina’s conception, and I am confident that both audiences and marketers will find enjoyment in Naina’s forthcoming endeavors.”

Is Naina Avtr an actual individual?

Following her sighting at the airport, Naina Avtr made another appearance at the screening of Mission Impossible. Various paparazzi sources uploaded videos of her leaving the cinema, prompting discussions about her authenticity as either a human or a robot. A notable observation is that Naina’s Instagram highlights primarily feature her hands, deliberately avoiding showing her face. This approach stems from the fact that while Naina is indeed a bona fide individual, the AI team responsible for her creation intentionally avoids emphasizing her human identity.

Every image of Naina shared on Instagram undergoes alteration and enhancement through AI processing. Even videos captured by paparazzi in public settings are edited before their online release. Consequently, her authentic visage remains concealed from the world’s view. While she possesses an actual identity and personality, she also embodies certain virtual attributes. The presence of inconsistencies, like her unsmooth movements and recurrent clothing in multiple images, serves as indications that she might be a manufactured construct rather than an authentic individual. This realization brings us nearer to comprehending the intricate interplay between reality and virtual elements within the realm of Naina Avtr.