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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Users Detect Burnt Smell from S Pens

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Users Detect Burnt Smell from S Pens

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra owners have been reporting an unusual issue with their flagship phones: a foul odor resembling burnt plastic emanating from the S Pen stylus. Complaints about this problem originated on Reddit, where users described the smell as strong and unpleasant.

One user, LatifYill, reported that his S Pen “absolutely reeks,” prompting others to confirm experiencing the same issue. Comments on the Reddit post varied, with some describing the S Pen as a “stinky boi” and others likening the smell to burnt plastic or even the scent of a “cybertruck.”

While users speculated about the source of the odor, a moderator on Samsung’s EU community forum offered an explanation. According to the moderator, the proximity of the S Pen to internal components during storage leads to heat buildup, resulting in a distinct “hot plastic” aroma similar to that experienced in a car left in the sun.

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Interestingly, this issue isn’t limited to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, as owners of previous models like the S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra have reported similar problems. However, reports suggest that the smell is not as strong in older models like the S22 Ultra.

It’s worth noting that this problem seems to be exclusive to the S series phones, as reports indicate that other Samsung models like the Note 20 Ultra do not exhibit the same odor. This disparity may be due to differences in materials and finishes used in the construction of the devices.