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WhatsApp May Have Found a Solution To Shady Group Invites

WhatsApp May Have Found a Solution To Shady Group Invites

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature aimed at enhancing user safety within group chats. Recently announced, the context card will soon be accessible to all users, with gradual rollout already underway.

Here’s how it functions: if you’re added to a group by an unfamiliar person, a context card will appear, detailing key information such as who added you, the creation date of the group, and the group creator’s identity. This allows users to make informed decisions about staying in the group or leaving, alongside accessing additional safety tools.

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“This update enhances safety by providing details like who added you, when the group was created, and its creator,” WhatsApp explained.

The new feature strengthens existing safety measures like silencing unknown callers, chat locking, in-app privacy check-ups, and control over group additions, according to WhatsApp.

It proves especially useful when encountering new contacts or groups not saved in your phone, aiding in deciding whether to engage further.

The context card extends a similar transparency already offered in one-on-one chats, providing users with additional context when receiving messages from unfamiliar senders.

WhatsApp’s introduction of Context Cards builds upon its suite of security features, emphasizing user control over group interactions and protection against potential online threats and unwanted communication.