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Thar Sand Identified as Optimal Material for Computer Chip Production

Thar Sand Identified as Optimal Material for Computer Chip Production

The declaration of Thar sand as the most suitable material for making computer chips by the Sindh Department of Information Technology and experts could mark a significant development in the tech industry. With the increasing demand for computer chips in the digital world, leveraging Thar sand for chip manufacturing could offer a sustainable solution to meet market demands.

Experts highlight the essential components needed for chip manufacturing, including coal, sand, water, and electricity, all of which are available in Thar. The quality of Thar sand makes it particularly suitable for chip wafer production.

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The proposed silicon chip wafer foundry, backed by the Sindh Information Technology Department, aims to address the growing demand for computer chips. With plans submitted to federal and provincial governments, the project could potentially receive support from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project to cover the estimated $450 million cost.

The availability of 150 acres of land in Islamkot’s Tharparkar neighborhood further facilitates the establishment of the chip wafer factory. The preliminary paperwork for the project has been prepared and submitted to the relevant ministries, signaling progress towards realizing this initiative. If successful, the chip wafer foundry project could contribute significantly to the tech industry’s growth and create opportunities for economic development in the region.