The annual rate of inflation is 34.05%.

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The annual rate of inflation is 34.05%.


According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, inflation in Pakistan remained high at 34.05% on an annual basis.

Inflation increased by 0.33% week on week.

According to the PBS’s weekly inflation report, the prices of 20 essential items increased last week while those of 12 decreased. Meanwhile, 19 goods’ prices stayed unchanged.

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According to the survey, flour prices increased by 4.95% in a week, followed by potatoes by 2.60% and sugar by 2.49%.

Certain commodities, on the other hand, saw price decreases. Bananas, for example, became 5.56% more affordable, while the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fell by 4.30%. Moreover, within the same week, onions fell by 4.03% and tomatoes fell by 1.63%.

Inflation is a source of concern for Pakistanis, who are already grappling with the economic constraints brought by declining purchasing power.

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