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The Dress Fame Turns Dark: Kier Johnston Sentenced for Assault

The Dress Fame Turns Dark: Kier Johnston Sentenced for Assault

Kier Johnston may not have been a household name, but his association with the viral phenomenon of the black-and-blue or white-and-gold dress from his wedding to his wife Grace in 2015 brought him into the spotlight. However, nearly a decade later, the attention surrounding him has taken a darker turn.

British media outlets have reported that Kier, now 38, has been sentenced to jail after admitting to attempting to strangle his wife. The incident occurred on a remote island in Scotland where the couple resided. Kier pleaded guilty to the attack at the high court in Glasgow and was remanded in custody until his sentencing next month.

Reports indicate that the assault stemmed from a disagreement, with Grace defying her husband’s demands not to attend a job interview on the mainland. Court documents confirm that Kier pinned Grace to the ground during the assault, threatening her with a knife and making threats to kill her. Despite sustaining severe bruising, Grace did not require medical treatment.

During the court proceedings, Kier accepted responsibility for his actions. His sentencing is scheduled for June 6, where the court will determine the appropriate punishment for the assault.

The infamous dress that captured global attention was shared by a guest at the couple’s wedding. Its viral spread sparked heated debates worldwide, drawing the interest of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres. The couple even appeared on DeGeneres’ talk show, where they received monetary compensation and a trip to Grenada amidst the frenzy surrounding the dress.