The Emerging Talent Sabeena Farooq Who Made ‘Kabli Pulao’ a Sensation

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Sabeena Farooq has emerged as a captivating force in Pakistani television, enchanting audiences with her portrayal of Barbeena in the widely acclaimed drama series ‘Kabli Pulao’. As the show gains immense popularity, Sabeena Farooq’s role has garnered significant attention. But who exactly is this talented actress and what lies behind her rise to fame?

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Hailing from Islamabad, the 29-year-old artist is the product of a unique cultural blend – born to a Punjabi father and a Pashtun mother. Growing up with a brother and a sister, Sabeena found her way into the world of acting by chance. Encouraged by her college seniors who recognized her acting potential, she ventured into auditions at the nearby PTV office, marking the inception of her acting journey.

Sabeena’s debut took place in the drama serial ‘Dhanak’, where she shared the screen with Nauman Ijaz. However, her decision to pursue acting initially met with resistance from her parents. It was her elder sister who advocated for Sabeena’s passion and ultimately convinced their parents to allow her to pursue her aspirations.

In a candid conversation on Nida Yasir’s morning show, Sabeena revealed her steadfast determination in fighting for her passion. Overcoming initial skepticism, her parents now take pride in her achievements and offer their blessings for her success.

Sabeena’s talent has shone through in a range of popular drama serials, including ‘Suno Chanda’, ‘Kashf’, ‘Muqaddar’, ‘Mohlat’, and ‘Logh Kya Kahenge’. Her standout performance as the daughter of a stern Pashtun father in ‘Suno Chanda’ drew acclaim for her mastery of sarcasm and comedic timing.

Sabeena’s diversity as an actress is evident in her portrayal of the scheming Haya in ‘Tere Bin’. While the role presented its own challenges, her ability to capture complex emotions resonated with viewers.

Her most recent success in ‘Kabli Pulao’ has catapulted the show to the number one spot on YouTube. Fans have flooded her with praise, recognizing her potential to become a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

As Sabeena Farooq continues to mesmerize audiences with her talent and versatility, her journey from a determined aspiring actress to a celebrated star serves as an inspiring testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion.

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