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The Fatah-II rocket system has been deployed

The Fatah-II rocket system has been deployed.

In Islamabad, the Pakistan Army recently conducted a successful test-launch of the Fatah-II guided rocket system, boasting an impressive range of 400 kilometres. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the army’s conventional arsenal, promising to enhance both its reach and lethality.

Central to the rocket’s capabilities is its sophisticated guidance system, transforming it into a precision weapon of heightened effectiveness. Equipped with trajectory mode and terminal guidance technology, the Fatah-II demonstrates the capacity to outmaneuver anti-ballistic missile systems employed by adversaries.

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The induction of the Fatah-II into the artillery divisions of the army signifies a strategic move towards stand-off and precision engagement tactics for targeting deep-seated objectives. Expectedly, this system will play a pivotal role in conventional warfare scenarios envisioned by the Pakistan Army.

The test flight garnered attention from top military brass, including the army chief, senior officers from all three services, as well as esteemed scientists and engineers. Their presence underscores the significance of this technological advancement and its implications for Pakistan’s defense capabilities.

Following the successful test, accolades poured in from national leadership, including the president, prime minister, chairman joint chiefs of staff committee, and the army chief. Their commendations extended to the dedicated troops and scientific community whose efforts contributed to this noteworthy achievement, affirming Pakistan’s commitment to bolstering its defense infrastructure.