The FIA has apprehended the ringleader of the Greece boat catastrophe.

Web DeskJuly 9, 2023
The FIA has apprehended the ringleader of the Greece boat catastrophe.

According to Express News, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) made a key breakthrough on Sunday by apprehending one of the leaders of the human trafficking group implicated in the Greece boat catastrophe.

A sailboat carrying over 750 people, including at least 350 Pakistanis, crashed off the coast of Greece last month. The tragedy spurred the government to initiate a nationwide crackdown on human traffickers, arresting dozens.

The accused, Mohammad Saleem Saniara, was apprehended in Gujarat by the FIA’s Anti-Human Trafficking Circle. He is the brother of the prime suspect, Asif Saniara.

The suspect amassed millions of rupees in order to unlawfully send several Pakistanis to Europe. He was charged in nine counts at the FIA Gujarat Circle.

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Saleem was discovered to be moving money to his brother, Asif, via hawala transactions and had fled to Greece following the disaster. However, officials claim he was arrested using sophisticated technology.

Asif Saniara, the arrested suspect’s brother, is thought to be in Libya, where he has set up many safehouses. More research is being conducted.

In another incident, three wanted offenders were apprehended during the operations of the FIA Lahore’s Anti-people Smuggling Circle, including Hafiz Faqeerullah, a proscribed felon implicated in horrendous people smuggling offences. In 2018, the FIA’s Lahore Circle has five cases pending against the accused in relation to human trafficking.

The apprehended suspect, a Lahore resident, had extorted large sums from a number of residents under the guise of abroad employment. He had amassed significant wealth and had gone into hiding.

Furthermore, two individuals, Umair Maqsood and Aamir Maqsood, were caught in another investigation after reportedly acquiring substantial quantities of money under the pretence of employment in Saudi Arabia.

They were charged under the Immigration Ordinance, and more than eight complaints had been filed against them. The individuals were apprehended in Lahore, and an investigation is currently underway.





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