‘The Glassworker’ premieres in Pakistani theaters this summer

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'The Glassworker' premieres in Pakistani theaters this summer

Pakistan’s animation industry prepares for a significant moment as Mano Animation Studios gears up for the summer release of The Glassworker, a highly anticipated hand-drawn animated feature film. Spearheaded by renowned artist Usman Riaz, this venture marks a groundbreaking achievement as Pakistan’s inaugural dedicated hand-drawn animation studio.

Excitingly, Mandviwalla Entertainment, known for distributing blockbusters like The Legend of Maula Jatt, has partnered with The Glassworker as the film’s Pakistani distributor. This collaboration promises to bring the enchanting narrative to theaters nationwide, offering audiences an unparalleled cinematic experience.

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Already generating buzz on the international stage, The Glassworker received a special screening at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival in 2023. Usman Riaz expressed gratitude for this recognition, highlighting the film’s distinction amidst a lineup dominated by live-action features. The project’s producers showcased exclusive footage at Cannes, captivating industry insiders with the film’s unique charm.

Usman Riaz provided insight into the film’s thematic depth and inspiration, describing The Glassworker as a reflection of Pakistani upbringing, infused with local conflicts, legends, attire, cuisine, and colonial architecture. This portrayal captures the essence of the nation’s heritage while presenting a narrative that resonates beyond borders.

With its hand-drawn animation and compelling storytelling, The Glassworker promises to enthrall audiences of all demographics. As Pakistan’s animation industry gains momentum, the debut release of this feature film represents a significant leap forward, showcasing the country’s creative prowess on the global stage.

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