The Punjab election chief is asking for assistance from the Chief Secretary (CS) and Inspector General (IG) of Police.

Web DeskDecember 26, 2023
The Punjab election chief is asking for assistance from the Chief Secretary (CS) and Inspector General (IG) of Police.

As the nomination paper submission deadline concludes, Punjab’s Election Commissioner, Saeed Gul, has formally contacted the provincial chief secretary and inspector general of police. He emphasizes the executive’s responsibility to assist the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in ensuring fair, transparent, and unbiased elections across the country.

Expressing deep concern via written communication dispatched on Sunday, Gul addresses numerous applications flooding his office from nearly every district in the province. Media reports suggest mistreatment of candidates, particularly those affiliated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), by police personnel.

Gul highlights these incidents as clear violations of electoral laws, including Article 218(3) of the Constitution and the Election Commission’s directives. Despite forwarding complaints to relevant authorities, no action has been taken to rectify the situation.

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He underscores the ongoing incidents of fear, intimidation, and interference with the nomination process by the police, affecting candidates indiscriminately. Returning Officers, predominantly from executive backgrounds, appear incapable of ensuring an uninterrupted submission of nomination papers.

Pointing out the obligation of the provincial administration to facilitate fair elections, as mandated in Article 220 and Section 5 of the Elections Act 2017, Gul urges strict directives to administrative officials for a conducive environment at the ROs’ Offices.

He requests intervention to ensure a smooth nomination process, urging punitive measures against any officials impeding the process. Gul also notes the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister’s apparent passivity regarding reported discrimination against PTI candidates, despite being responsible for transparent elections and government operations.

The Chief Minister’s proactive stance on various matters contrasts with what appears to be a lack of attention to police misconduct against PTI candidates, seemingly prioritizing infrastructure development in the province.

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