The Twin Cities Will Experience a Revolution

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The Twin Cities Will Experience a Revolution

We control the future. Together, let’s make it happen.

Currently, this phrase is widely shared on social media. Many people are talking about Islamabad Downtown on social media, including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Hania Aamir, and Kubra Khan. The intriguing billboards, alluring fliers, and general buzz about this endeavor are also impossible to ignore.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you live in the twin cities because Islamabad’s skyline is set to undergo a permanent transformation.

What is a downtown, to start with the fundamentals?

The geographic, commercial, cultural, and political center of a city is encapsulated in downtown, which is also known as the central business district.

It is typically associated with recognizable features like towering buildings that provide spectacular skylines and the junction of rail and bus lines.

In reference to Manhattan, the term “downtown” was first used in the United States in 1770. With their vibrant energy and wide range of amenities, downtown neighborhoods continue to be bustling centers of action today.

Islamabad Downtown: IMARAT Presents

The twin cities are poised to see an extraordinary paradigm shift thanks to the creative geniuses at the IMARAT Group, Pakistan’s first indigenous unicorn. You are about to witness Islamabad Downtown establish new standards that will never be surpassed nationwide.

Let’s be clear, though: This is not your typical project. Islamabad Downtown is the home and way of life you’ve always imagined. It is a unique environment that is ready to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who dwell within its radiant radius. It is certain to have a lasting impact on the nation’s capital and its residents because to its top-notch standards and dedication to boosting lifestyles.

Be prepared to see brilliant architecture, unrivaled amenities, and a lively atmosphere that will revitalize Islamabad’s urban fabric. Islamabad Downtown will reinvent what it means to live by fostering a culture that nourishes ordinary experiences.

So, Islamabad, get ready for a new era to begin when Islamabad Downtown permanently changes the twin cities’ landscape.

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Downtown Islamabad

Imagine a cityscape where luxury and convenience coexist, where bustling markets invite you to explore, and where top-notch amenities are integrated into daily life.

What is Downtown Islamabad?

This iconic construction, which was created to mimic the grandeur of Dubai Downtown, is expected to transform Islamabad’s downtown and set a new standard for the twin cities.

With its bustling Grand Bazar, opulent IMARAT Residences, and expansive Mall of IMARAT, Islamabad Downtown promises a way of life comparable to that of Dubai’s and New York City’s finest.

Find out why this project is a game-changing investment opportunity as we delve into its exquisite features.

What is there in Islamabad Downtown?

Mall of IMARAT – Pakistan’s Biggest Mall

IMARAT Residences

Grand Bazar – The New Raja Bazar

Urban Forest

IMARAT Boulevard

Harley Health Centre

Electronics & Mobile Market

Institute of Architecture, Urban Planning & Building Materials


What location is it in?

The Islamabad Downtown is the ideal location for both residential and business activities because it is situated directly on the Main Islamabad Expressway.

Just observe the busy daily traffic volume on the Islamabad Expressway, which exceeds 100,000 automobiles. It is evidence of the dynamic way of life and connectivity available here.

Moreover, its strategic site perfectly exemplifies the forward-thinking idea of transit-oriented development, fusing commercial areas with effective public transportation.

The Islamabad Expressway, which connects numerous areas from Faisal Masjid to T-chowk, is the throbbing heart of the capital. The federal capital’s main thoroughfare is a cutting-edge, signal-free road that provides undeniable accessibility and ease.

Imagine the thriving neighborhood beyond the road, where more than 700,000 people inhabit within a 5-kilometer range. our vibrant, dense populace ensures an unquenchable demand and endless opportunities for our project.

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This region is well-positioned to draw in the most tourists with more than 20 housing societies located within a 20-minute drive.

Location Pin: 33.569821, 73.158940


Address: H5C5+9VF, Expressway, Capital Enclave Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Best Investment Opportunities in Islamabad Downtown

Grand Bazar: The New Raja Bazar

Grand Bazar, the Raja Bazar of the ensuing 70+ years, is a bustling market that thrives on energy and diversity. Grand Bazar is a captivating tourist destination that displays the rich culture and legacy of Pakistan and is situated in the heart of Islamabad Downtown.


The following is a list of renowned Grand Bazar’s colorful Bazars:

Bhabra Bazar

Urdu Bazar

China Market

Moti Bazar

Narankari Bazar

Bohar Bazar

Sarafa Bazar

Mochi Bazar

Perfume Souk

Purana Qila

Bazar e Kalan

Mughal Sarai

Raja Market

Kohati Bazar

It goes without saying that Grand Bazar is a place where sophisticated boutiques mix with traditional bazaars and where you may indulge in shopping that will leave you wanting more.

IMARAT Residences: Pakistan’s Most Premium Address

In the center of Islamabad Downtown, The IMARAT Residences are a group of opulent apartments that redefine modern living. When stunning architectural marvels and opulent luxuries are combined in this environment, grandeur takes center stage.

With IMARAT Residences, you may build an environment that has been precisely tailored to your preferences. The IMARAT Residences are the height of elegance and luxury, offering everything from enormous skyline vistas to state-of-the-art amenities that exude a sense of grandeur.

Mall of IMARAT: Pakistan’s Biggest Shopping Mall

Prepare to be amazed as soon as you walk into the Mall of IMARAT, Islamabad Downtown’s crowning achievement. This massive shopping center promises an experience that surpasses that of the most well-known stores on planet.

Numerous domestic and international brands are present at the sizable shopping complex known as the Mall of IMARAT. While immersing your senses in a realm of entertainment that meets all of your wants, you can indulge in wonderful delectable foods.

Due to its vast size and convenient location, this prominent mall is poised to become Pakistan’s top destination for shopping and entertainment.

IMARAT: Creating the Real Estate of the Future

The IMARAT Group has earned the right to be regarded as the industry’s dominant force in Pakistan. They have transformed the industry and established new benchmarks for high-quality projects thanks to a dedication to transparency and cutting-edge technologies.


By making an investment in Islamabad Downtown, you not only ensure a luxurious living but also join a successful heritage with a high rate of return.

Change in the Twin Cities

In the center of the twin cities, a world of luxury comes to life as IMARAT Group introduces Islamabad Downtown.

The remarkable project presents a rich investment opportunity for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with the Grand Bazar, IMARAT Residences, and Mall of IMARAT.

Participate in the Islamabad Downtown transformation, where the realm of luxury truly is a place where dreams come true.



















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