This is why you should never hold a Sneeze

Web DeskDecember 15, 2023

In a shocking and unprecedented medical case, a routine attempt to stifle a sneeze resulted in a dangerous chain of events for one man, causing a rupture in his windpipe and sending shockwaves through the medical community.

The incident unfolded while the man was behind the wheel, struck suddenly by hay fever. Instead of allowing the sneeze to naturally release or employing conventional methods, he took an unconventional approach—sealing his lips and pinching his nose shut.

What seemed like a harmless action turned disastrous. Live Science reported that this attempt to control the sneeze led to unforeseen consequences: a tiny, two-by-two-millimeter puncture in his windpipe. The ensuing constriction of his airway caused an unprecedented surge in pressure, resulting in a sneeze that was a staggering 20 times more forceful than normal.

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The repercussions were severe. The extreme pressure ruptured the man’s windpipe, causing immediate swelling on both sides of his neck and excruciating pain, compelling him to urgently seek medical help. During the examination, physicians were stunned to detect a faint cracking sound, yet the individual surprisingly did not exhibit any immediate difficulties in basic functions like speaking, breathing, or swallowing.

However, diagnostic tests revealed a troubling picture. An X-ray exposed surgical emphysema—a condition where air becomes trapped beneath the skin’s deepest layers. Subsequent CT scans pinpointed the precise rupture location between the third and fourth vertebrae in his neck, accompanied by an alarming accumulation of air in the space between his chest and lungs.

This unprecedented incident serves as a stark reminder of the potentially catastrophic consequences of seemingly innocuous actions, leaving medical professionals and the public alike astounded by the unexpected and devastating outcome of a mere attempt to suppress a sneeze.

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