TikTok Star Dolly Implicated in Tax Evasion Scandal

Web DeskOctober 18, 2023
TikTok Star Dolly Implicated in Tax Evasion Scandal

Famous TikToker Nosheen Saeed, also known as Dolly, has been found guilty of not paying Rs16 million in taxes, as reported by The News.

The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has taken action in this regard and recovered Rs4.4 million in taxes by attaching Dolly’s bank accounts. The PRA is now considering whether to attach her properties to recover the remaining tax amount.

Dolly, who also operates a beauty salon in Gulberg, was accused of evading taxes owed to the provincial government. The PRA had served notices to her, but she had not submitted the due taxes. After repeated notices and no response from the TikToker, PRA Commissioner Misbah Nawaz ordered the recovery of the outstanding taxes.

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Dolly gained notoriety last year when one of her controversial videos went viral. In the video, two individuals were seen setting a forest on fire in the Margalla Hills, purportedly for the purpose of creating a dramatic effect for their TikTok video. The Islamabad Police registered a case against Dolly on the complaint of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under wildlife and environmental protection laws.

Dolly denied the accusations, claiming she had no involvement in setting the forest ablaze. She posted a clarification video on her official Instagram account, explaining that she had stopped to make a video for TikTok while traveling on the motorway from Haripur, and the video showed her against the backdrop of some burning bushes.

This case highlights the importance of tax compliance and the legal consequences that individuals, including social media personalities, may face for not meeting their tax obligations.

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