TikTok Unveils Election Integrity Measures Ahead of Polls

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TikTok Unveils Election Integrity Measures Ahead of Polls

TikTok has outlined its comprehensive plan to ensure the integrity of its platform during the upcoming parliamentary elections in Pakistan on February 8, 2024. The platform has implemented strong measures to combat misinformation, violence, and hate speech in accordance with its Community Guidelines available in both English and Urdu.

TikTok collaborates with local and regional fact-checkers to identify and remove misleading election-related content. Content under review is limited in visibility, and both creators and viewers are notified about potentially misleading content. TikTok has introduced the Pakistan Election Center within the app to provide verified information about the election, voting procedures, and locations in English and Urdu. The platform strictly prohibits political advertisements. Accounts belonging to governments, politicians, or political parties are not allowed to use TikTok for advertising, fundraising, or monetization.

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