Tougher Student Visa Guidelines Enforced in Canada

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Tougher Student Visa Guidelines Enforced in Canada

TORONTO – Canada’s government has implemented stricter visa regulations for international students, making it more challenging for foreigners to pursue studies in the country.

The Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, unveiled a series of updated requirements for foreign students intending to study in Canada. Effective from January 1st, 2024, prospective international students must demonstrate access to $20,635 (Canadian Dollars), an increase from the current $10,000 (Canadian Dollars) requirement. This financial criterion stands apart from tuition fees and excludes expenses for additional family members relocating to Canada.

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The existing requirement has persisted for two decades, but the new rule will be applicable to study permit applications received after the aforementioned date. Furthermore, the government intends to regularly revise the minimum financial threshold for students based on statistical data.

Miller emphasized the significant contributions international students make to Canadian society but highlighted the challenges they encounter while residing in the country. The revised cost-of-living threshold aims to provide students with a more accurate understanding of the actual expenses in Canada, a crucial factor in their successful adaptation. The government is also exploring avenues to ensure suitable housing options for these students, aiming to shield them from financial vulnerability and exploitation.

During a media briefing, the minister cautioned about imposing limits on the number of visas issued. He stressed the need for educational institutions to accept only the number of students they can adequately accommodate, including housing provisions or assistance in securing off-campus accommodations.

Miller underscored the collective responsibility of provincial and territorial governments, educational institutions, and other stakeholders in ensuring robust support for international students. He warned that if these entities fail to fulfill their obligations, the government will take stringent measures, including potentially restricting visas and even shutting down designated learning institutions.

This development aligns with similar shifts in immigration policies hinted at by the Australian government, suggesting upcoming policies that may discourage immigration, particularly among students. These policies are anticipated to be announced shortly.

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