Trading hub planned for Elon Musk’s X

Web DeskAugust 6, 2023
Trading hub planned for Elon Musk's X

X has reached out to major financial data providers and asked them to propose ideas for developing a trading hub within the app. This move comes shortly after X rebranded Twitter as its platform in an effort to transform it into a “super app.”

According to reports, X has sent requests for proposals to financial service providers, seeking capabilities such as financial information and real-time market data. The specific names of the financial service providers involved remain undisclosed.

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Interestingly, when questioned about the project, Elon Musk, the owner of X Corp, claimed to be unaware of any ongoing work related to the trading hub. This response may be an attempt to keep the company’s intentions for the trade hub confidential.

Musk had previously mentioned that he acquired Twitter to accelerate the development of X, envisioning it as a “super app” with diverse features, making it a comprehensive platform for various services similar to WeChat’s functionality.

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