Traffic Plan for Islamabad on Independence Day

Web DeskAugust 13, 2023
Traffic Plan for Islamabad on Independence Day

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations on August 14, Islamabad Police has introduced an extensive security and traffic plan. A comprehensive security framework will envelop the capital, with security personnel strategically positioned at crucial locations, bolstered by vigilant sniffer dogs and advanced equipment to ensure safety at popular areas like Daman-e-Koh, Pir Sohawa, and Margalla hills.

Taking a proactive approach, plainclothes police officers, alongside intelligence personnel, will discreetly monitor sensitive zones across Islamabad. Police checkpoints will dot the main arteries, forming distinct security zones, reinforced by additional forces from the Rangers, Frontier Constabulary, and Islamabad Police, particularly at key entry and exit points.

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Equine-mounted security personnel will elegantly patrol the city streets, adding a unique dimension to the security measures. Residents and visitors are urged to carry their identification documents for efficient security checks.

For traffic management, Islamabad Capital Police’s (Traffic Division) specialized plan aims to streamline vehicular movement and ensure road safety. A dedicated workforce of 550 officers, led by a Superintendent of Police (SP), four Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs), and 22 inspectors, will implement the plan.

Special enforcement squads will strategically deploy roadblocks at critical intersections throughout the city, cracking down on infractions such as one-wheeling on motorcycles, tinted-window vehicles, and noisy exhaust systems.

In a technologically innovative move, ICTP Radio FM 92.4 will broadcast real-time traffic updates, enhancing public awareness and facilitating smoother traffic flow. This comprehensive strategy highlights Islamabad Capital Police’s unwavering commitment to citizen safety and underscores the importance of maintaining order in the city.

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