Why Pakistan Needs Imran Khan

Politics is not an exact science. It is the doctrine of the possible. The art of the next best. Otto von Bismarck I have never liked Imran Khan much personally. I have never hated him either. I have criticized him on numerous occasions from giving an extension to General Bajwa to accepting myriad perennial “lotas” in his party with pomp and pride. I have many issues with his political and ideological understanding as well. His performance never really caught up with his rhetoric. He could never eliminate corruption, uphold merit, and take practical steps essential for even beginning to march towards the romantic goal of Riyasat-e-Medina. But, I have been forced to support Imran Khan. I have been forced to think that perhaps, Imran Khan is the best possible option for Pakistan today. I have been forced to believe that Imran Khan remains the last hope of my beloved Pakistan.

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