Trump Excluded from Colorado Presidential Primary Ballot

Web DeskDecember 20, 2023
Colorado Supreme Court's ruling on Tuesday declared that Donald Trump is ineligible to pursue the US presidency

In a historic and polarizing decision, the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday declared that Donald Trump is ineligible to pursue the US presidency due to his involvement in the January 2021 Capitol assault. This landmark legal verdict has ignited a significant political storm, potentially disrupting the upcoming election cycle.

The groundbreaking judgment, which the Trump campaign vehemently intends to challenge, has drawn swift condemnation from Republicans across the ideological spectrum. Trump’s response has amplified his narrative of political victimization.

This unprecedented ruling, impacting the Colorado primary ballot, represents the inaugural successful invocation of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment. This constitutional provision prohibits individuals who previously vowed to defend the nation but later engaged in insurrection from holding office.

“The majority of the court holds that President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” stated the Colorado high court.

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Emphasizing the weight of their decision, the 4-3 majority reiterated their commitment to applying the law impartially and without prejudice, irrespective of public sentiment.

While an earlier lower court acknowledged Trump’s role in the January 6 riot, it did not extend the 14th Amendment’s impact to the presidency among the federal elected positions.

Noah Bookbinder, representing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, praised the ruling, highlighting its monumental significance in fortifying democratic norms.

The court’s decision has been temporarily stayed until January 4, anticipating an appeal to the US Supreme Court, per indications from Trump’s campaign.

“We will immediately file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court and simultaneously request a suspension of this deeply undemocratic decision,” announced campaign spokesman Steven Cheung.

Cheung accused the all-Democrat-appointed Colorado panel of promoting a left-wing group’s agenda to disrupt the election process, citing alleged Democratic apprehensions over Trump’s growing support.

Senior Republicans, including Senator Marco Rubio, condemned the ruling, drawing parallels between this decision and actions that have resulted in the US sanctioning other nations. The judgment has sparked intense debate, setting the stage for a potentially pivotal legal battle with profound implications for the US electoral landscape.

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