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Two More Labourers from Punjab Fatally Shot in Balochistan

Two More Labourers from Punjab Fatally Shot in Balochistan

The recent attacks on labourers from Punjab in Balochistan are deeply concerning. The loss of Mohammad Shahid and Mohammad Naeem in the Tump area of Kech district is a tragic reminder of the security challenges faced by outsiders in the region. It’s distressing to hear that this incident follows another attack just last week, where two labourers were shot dead in Turbat.

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The Balochistan Home Minister’s swift action in instructing authorities to submit a report and launch an inquiry into the incident is commendable. It’s crucial that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.

Chief Minister Sarfaraz Bugti’s condemnation of the killings and his commitment to engaging in talks with separatists to address the underlying issues contributing to such violence is a step in the right direction. Collaborative efforts between the government and relevant stakeholders are essential to ensure the safety and security of all individuals residing in Balochistan.