Two toddlers died and three were critical after consuming a poisoned milkshake.

Web DeskJuly 19, 2023
Two toddlers died and three were critical after consuming a poisoned milkshake.

Two young toddlers died and three others were critically injured after ingesting a poisoned milkshake in Sahiwal. The incident happened on Dispensary Road in Sahiwal, at their father’s house.

The father had made the milkshake for his five children, but their health quickly deteriorated after consuming it, and they were transported to the Teaching Hospital. Anas, seven months old, and Haram, three years old, died as a result of the poisoning. In the meantime, Abeeha (13), Faiqa (11), and Emaan (6) are fighting for their lives.

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Another terrible occurrence occurred on Tuesday when a 14-year-old boy called Muhammad Nabi Khan died as a result of a medical blunder. The young youngster had diarrhea, prompting his concerned family to bring him to the nearest clinic.

The decision to seek assistance proved fatal. The youngster had a violent and terrifying reaction as soon as the quack provided an injection, causing rashes to swiftly spread across his body.

Instead of addressing the gravity of the situation, the doctor dismissively ignored the family’s reaction and nonchalantly told them to take the boy home. As time passed, the boy’s condition deteriorated dramatically, causing the family to rush to Jinnah Hospital. Unfortunately, it was too late, and he died just minutes after arriving at the hospital.



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