UAE Alerts Apple and Android Users from Hackers

Web DeskSeptember 9, 2023
UAE Alerts Apple and Android Users from Hackers

The UAE’s Cyber Security Council has issued a warning about a cyber-threat that has the potential to impact users of both Apple and Android devices.

In a recent tweet, the council alerted users to an emergency update from Apple that addresses a critical security flaw. Additionally, the council mentioned three specific vulnerability codes (CVE-2023-41064, CVE-2023-41061, and CVE-2023-35674) that are of concern for Android users.

In simpler terms, these security flaws could provide malicious hackers with the opportunity to infiltrate your device, gain access to your private information, and even take full control of your phone or tablet.

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To safeguard against these threats, the council strongly advises users to download and install the latest updates from both Apple and Android. It’s essential to keep your device’s software up-to-date to protect your digital security.

Citizen Lab, a group that monitors digital threats, recently discovered that spyware linked to the NSO Group was exploiting a vulnerability in Apple devices. This discovery was made when Citizen Lab identified this spyware on an Apple device belonging to a member of a Washington-based organization.

Apple has recommended using “Lockdown Mode” on affected devices to mitigate this attack. This security flaw could potentially compromise iPhones, particularly those running iOS 16.6. However, the most recent update from Apple addresses this issue, so it’s crucial for users to update their devices promptly to stay protected from this cyber threat.

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