UAE astronaut celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day in space.

Web DeskAugust 14, 2023
UAE astronaut celebrates Pakistan's Independence Day in space

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has conveyed his heartfelt Independence Day wishes to the Pakistani nation while aboard the International Space Station. Sharing a captivating photo of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, taken from space, Dr. Al Neyadi expressed his felicitations to all Pakistanis, with a special emphasis on those residing in the UAE. Given the significant expat population from Pakistan in the UAE, he highlighted the years of coexistence and mutual understanding that have enriched the cultural exchange between the two countries.

With over a million Pakistani expatriates, the UAE hosts one of the largest expat communities, second only to India. Dr. Al Neyadi’s message serves as a testament to the strong bonds that have been forged through this vibrant expat presence, showcasing the deep appreciation for Pakistani culture. The photo of Islamabad viewed from space is a symbol of unity, connecting both nations even across the vastness of the cosmos.

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Meanwhile, in another display of national pride, the Embassy of Pakistan in Abu Dhabi orchestrated a flag hoisting ceremony to mark the 76th anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence Day. The event radiated with patriotic fervor, reflecting the deep-rooted enthusiasm of Pakistanis living abroad. This celebration further underscores the significance of this historic day for Pakistan and its people, regardless of their geographical location, while also demonstrating the warm relationship between Pakistan and the UAE.

These heartening gestures, from the remarkable message from space by Dr. Al Neyadi to the vibrant flag hoisting ceremony at the embassy, emphasize the unity and camaraderie that thrive between Pakistan and the UAE. These interactions showcase the enduring bonds of friendship and cultural exchange, strengthening the connection between the two nations on this memorable occasion.

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