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UAE Set to Prohibit Popular Food Preservative in Near Future

UAE Set to Prohibit Popular Food Preservative in Near Future

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considering a ban on hydrogenated oils in a bid to prioritize public health and wellness. Hydrogenated oil, commonly used by food manufacturers to extend the shelf life of products, may soon be prohibited in the UAE, as discussed in a session of the Federal National Council (FNC).


During the session, Dr. Amna Al Dahak, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, underscored the health risks associated with hydrogenated oils. She indicated that the National Committee for Food Safety has partially approved the proposed ban. The ministry plans to implement a grace period for food establishments across the country to meet specific standard requirements before enforcing the ban. Moreover, it will oversee the enforcement of the ban through relevant authorities.

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The session emphasized the urgency of finalizing all food safety regulations and fostering collaboration among relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure effective enforcement and monitoring of food safety measures. It also highlighted the importance of completing the development, standardization, and implementation of the national food product registration system (ZAD), particularly concerning procedures and oversight for food or feed registration.

The potential ban on hydrogenated oils in the UAE marks a significant step in the nation’s efforts to promote healthier dietary practices and enhance food safety. By addressing the risks associated with trans fats, the government demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its citizens. As initiatives continue to strengthen food safety regulations and foster collaboration among stakeholders, the UAE reaffirms its leadership role in promoting public health and sustainable development.