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US Reaffirms Commitment to Regional Security Cooperation with Pakistan

US Reaffirms Commitment to Regional Security Cooperation with Pakistan

Vedanta Patel, Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of State, has reaffirmed the shared commitment between the United States and Pakistan in addressing regional security threats. Patel underscored Pakistan’s significant sacrifices in the war on terror and reiterated full support for its ongoing efforts. “We have a shared interest with Pakistan in combating threats to regional stability,” Patel stated. “We recognize the sacrifices they’ve made and fully support their struggle.”

Furthermore, the United States has expressed solidarity with measures aimed at ensuring the safety and security of Pakistani citizens, emphasizing the imperative of upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights within the country. In response to allegations implicating RAW in a conspiracy to harm an American citizen, Patel called for accountability from the Indian government and stressed the importance of taking decisive action against those responsible.

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The US is actively engaged with the Indian investigation committee and maintains direct communication with the Indian government to seek updates on the matter. Patel emphasized that the Indian investigation committee is diligently addressing the issue, and the US is collaborating with them to stay informed about developments.

“We are in communication with the Indian government on this issue,” Patel affirmed. “We will continue to press our concerns directly with them.” These statements reflect the United States’ commitment to regional security, its acknowledgment of Pakistan’s contributions, and its insistence on accountability and justice in addressing security challenges.