Ushna Shah Aims to Rewrite Divorce Narratives for Independence and Joy

Web DeskSeptember 24, 2023
Ushna Shah Aims to Rewrite Divorce Narratives for Independence and Joy

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has taken to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to address and challenge the prevailing narrative surrounding sensitive topics, particularly the shame and stigma associated with divorce.

The Parizaad actress, who has been relatively absent from television screens lately, used the microblogging platform to share her perspective on the “conventions of scriptwriting” in the entertainment industry. Shah expressed her desire to break the cycle of shame associated with divorce and her unwillingness to participate in narratives that hit close to home for her, as she herself was raised by a single parent who worked tirelessly to support their family.

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In her post, Shah stated, “Many scripts I work on perpetuate shame around divorce. While I can’t reshape the conventions of scriptwriting or choose unemployment, I stand by a vision. As the child of a divorcee who hustled with three jobs to raise us, the stigma on divorced characters feels deeply personal.”

She continued, “I’m eager to be part of a story that addresses the stigma of divorce and combats the shame of being single afterward, celebrating the journey to independence and joy. Convincing producers to support such a daring script, which may face societal backlash, is very challenging.”

This isn’t the first time Ushna Shah has criticized the narratives portrayed on television screens. In a previous exclusive interview with The Express Tribune, she expressed her disapproval of storylines where two women are depicted fighting over a man. She stated, “This idea of two women fighting over a man just irks me to the core! I had so many fights about this in Habs as well. On what planet is that okay? All love stories on our television are the same. It’s ridiculous.”


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