Ushna Shah exposes Western media’s ‘misinformation’ about the Palestinian genocide.

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Pakistani actor Ushna Shah has been actively raising her voice against the severe brutality faced by Palestinians in Gaza, as Israel continues its bombing campaign on civilian areas, including homes, hospitals, and schools.

In her latest content, Ushna Shah released a video illustrating the invasion and seizure of Palestinian land by Zionists, with the support of powerful nations worldwide. The video, featuring Ushna and her friends portraying various countries including Palestine, Israel, United States, and United Kingdom, sheds light on the unjust occupation.

Critiquing the biased reporting on Israeli atrocities in Palestine, Ushna pointed out how Western media often portrays Palestinians’ defense against Israeli settlers, who have colonized their land, as extremist militant attacks.

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Through her video, she highlighted how Western media spreads misinformation by using AI-generated images and depicting fake attacks, all to ensure a continuous flow of “tax dollars” funding propaganda.

Ushna Shah delivered a powerful message, urging people to break their silence on this oppression, which, she emphasized, enables its persistence.

Known for her role in the drama series “Balaa,” the actor is among the social media influencers openly advocating for Palestine and demanding an independent Palestinian state. This advocacy comes amid ongoing barbaric acts that have tragically claimed the lives of over 6,000 innocent Palestinians, the majority of whom are children.

She has stopped posting any content related to her profession that is acting and modelling and her entire feed on the microblogging site X and Instagram since the eruption of hostilities, contains only posts related to the crisis.

The genocide in Gaza continues for nearly 20 days as Israeli strikes have martyred 6,546 Palestinians since October 7.

The casualties include 2,704 children, while 17,439 others were wounded by Israeli bombardment, the health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza said on Wednesday.

In the past 24 hours, 756 Palestinians including 344 children were killed in Israeli strikes, the ministry said.

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