Uzma Hassan: Social Media’s Harsh Reality for Authenticity

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Uzma Hassan: Social Media's Harsh Reality for Authenticity

Uzma Hassan, renowned for her stellar performance in the popular drama series Khaie, recently appeared on Gup Shup with Fuchsia for an insightful interview touching upon acting, the entertainment industry, and personal experiences.

Known for her candid nature, Uzma spoke openly about her tendency to speak her mind without filters, acknowledging that this honesty can sometimes lead to discomfort among others. However, she firmly believes in the value of authenticity and genuine expression.

Reflecting on the challenges of navigating interactions, she admitted to bouts of anxiety when faced with tasks like making shout-out posts, highlighting the pressure to conform to societal expectations and the fear of criticism.

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Delving into the craft of acting, Uzma emphasized the importance of immersing oneself fully into a character, leaving behind personal biases and mannerisms. She noted the need to break free from self-imposed restrictions to truly embody diverse roles.

Drawing from her own experiences, Uzma credited veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz for imparting valuable lessons during their collaborations. She recalled his advice to take time with dialogues and allow emotions to flow naturally, rather than rushing through scenes.

Sharing intimate memories from her personal life, Uzma opened up about the profound impact of her mother’s passing. She described the transformative journey of their relationship and the deep sense of loss she experienced after her mother’s demise.

Recalling moments of vulnerability during her mother’s illness, Uzma expressed the anguish of witnessing her decline and the toll it took on her mother’s dignity. She candidly shared poignant moments from her mother’s final days, highlighting the complexities of grief and faith.

In a touching revelation, Uzma recounted a life-changing encounter with a friend, which brought her a sense of closure and acceptance amidst her grief. Through tears, she emphasized the importance of cherishing the humanity of loved ones and honoring their individual journeys.

Six years since her mother’s passing, Uzma’s emotional journey serves as a poignant reminder to cherish and appreciate the presence of loved ones, acknowledging their inherent humanity and the profound impact they have on our lives.

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