Vicky Kaushal’s Regret Marrying Katrina Kaif After Working with Shah Rukh Khan: Here’s Why

Web DeskDecember 19, 2023
Vicky Kaushal's Regret Marrying Katrina Kaif After Working with Shah Rukh Khan: Here's Why

The Dunki Diaries recently unveiled a brief but insightful interview featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and Rajkumar Hirani engaging in conversation. Within this video, Shah Rukh Khan shared intriguing details about their movie-making experience.

He notably expressed immense confidence in Vicky Kaushal’s performance in the film, affirming that fans would thoroughly appreciate his portrayal. Going further, Khan lauded Kaushal’s acting prowess, deeming him as one of the finest actors he has collaborated with throughout his career.

Interestingly, Khan hinted at Kaushal’s role being akin to a cameo, shedding light on their on-screen dynamic as ‘Nimbu Brothers’ within the movie. He emphasized the undeniable bond they share, predicting its appeal to audiences.

However, amid the cinematic praises, whispers arose regarding Vicky Kaushal’s recent marriage to Katrina Kaif. Speculations surfaced regarding Kaushal’s potential regrets about this union, stirring curiosity and uncertainty within the gossip mill.

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