Vienna Named World’s Most Livable City for the Fourth Time in Six Years

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Vienna has once again claimed the title of the world’s most livable city, according to the annual ranking released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on Thursday. This marks the fourth time in six years that the Austrian capital has secured the top spot. Vienna previously topped the list in 2018, 2019, and 2022. Notably, no German city managed to make it into the top ten, despite Frankfurt securing the seventh spot last year.

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, maintained its second-place position in the ranking. It was followed by Melbourne and Sydney, both located in Australia and Vancouver in Canada. Zurich, which was previously ranked third, slipped to the sixth position in the new ranking.

The EIU’s assessment of the 173 cities included in the study is based on 30 criteria spread across five categories: stability, healthcare system, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. Vienna excelled in providing an almost ideal combination of these factors, with the only notable shortcoming being the relatively limited number of major sporting events.

In this year’s index, Paris secured the 24th position. The study’s authors pointed out that the massive demonstrations against pension reform in the French capital had an impact on its rating, as it dropped from 19th place last year. London ranked 46th in the index, while New York claimed the 69th position.

Vienna’s consistent recognition as the most livable city highlights its exceptional quality of life and well-rounded amenities. The city offers a harmonious blend of stability, robust healthcare, a vibrant cultural scene, excellent education opportunities, and modern infrastructure. While no city can claim perfection, Vienna has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide a high standard of living for its residents and visitors alike.

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