Viral constable video results in social media full of Punjab Police IG memes

Web DeskAugust 19, 2023
Viral constable video results in social media full of Punjab Police IG memes

The video of a police constable from Lahore has gained viral attention on social media due to his altercation with a reporter and Punjab Police Inspector General Usman Anwar. The constable, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, was captured in the video using abusive language towards the journalist.

When the reporter called for action against the constable’s behavior, he directed his abusive language towards the Punjab Police IG as well. This incident prompted creative meme-making across Pakistan’s online community, with social media users using humor to respond to the situation.

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Amid the online humor, Punjab Police IG Usman Anwar later provided clarification regarding the constable’s behavior. He stated that the constable was actually suffering from a mental illness, which contributed to his actions. Anwar further explained that the constable was undergoing treatment to address his mental health condition. This revelation shed light on the broader issue of mental health awareness within the law enforcement community and prompted discussions about the need for appropriate support systems for officers facing mental health challenges




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