Wake Up Call for National Savings Pakistan

Ali Raza Khimji GowaAugust 23, 2023

Right Caretaker Leadership under Sincere Military Establishment can definitely turn around Pakistan in the coming months but it is only possible if our old-school bureaucracy will come out of its comfort zone and start utilizing each and every precious penny from taxpayers’ pockets efficiently, effectively, and economically. It can happen soon and to make it happen I again suggest that all government and semi-government organizations should immediately stop wasting taxpayers’ money on print advertising where billions are being wasted as Kickbacks are easily managed over many decades. I always wonder why billions of budget are wasted on newspapers when the same audience can be targeted in a few million on the same newspaper website via digital advertising, especially for products or offers which require Calls for Action like mobile app downloads, website or social media visits or views, etc.

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I had brought up this issue in the past on social media platforms but still see clients like National Savings wasting money on print with half-page Advertisements for mobile app launches. National Savings is Pakistan’s pride like the State Bank of Pakistan and people had solid trust in its certificates and offers which unfortunately lost its charm due to the late transformation towards digital. It was good to see that current management is working on digital transformation as it may target Pakistanis, especially Overseas Pakistanis who may bring huge investments even in foreign currency under National Savings offers but how It will happen if National Savings keep wasting money on print and will not target audience locally and overseas on digital publishers and social media where they can practically do call for action and do download a mobile app like products.

Furthermore, I believe Press Information Department should also make it mandatory for government organizations to utilize 75% of their Advertisement budget for digital products on digital publishers and social media platforms.

In a serious economic crunch, it is our bureaucracy’s responsibility to promote Pakistan and its organization offers on digital platforms by saving taxpayers money from wasting on print which had lost 75% circulation and copies as claimed by ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulation which needs fresh audit under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Pakistan.

Hope to see National Savings’ digital transformation practically reach the digital audience by seeing its Advertisement soon on digital publishers and social media in Pakistan.

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Ali Raza Khimji Gowa

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