Waqar Zaka Wins Bitcoin World Cup Solo Trader Round

Web DeskSeptember 17, 2023
Waqar Zaka Wins Bitcoin World Cup Solo Trader Round

Waqar Zaka, a prominent Pakistani TV host, social media influencer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast, has achieved an impressive third-place ranking on the trading leaderboard in the face of growing competition. In a notable triumph, he secured the first position in the solo trader round of the Bitcoin World Cup, organized by one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, outperforming 3,660 traders from around the globe.

After several days of intense trading, Waqar Zaka managed to generate an impressive profit of $3,012,742, starting with an initial capital of $100,000 provided by Bitget. In recognition of his outstanding performance, he received an $8,000 prize from the event’s prize pool, marking a significant milestone in the Bitcoin World Cup.

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The competition doesn’t conclude here; the next round will involve participants forming teams. The winning team in this round stands to win a substantial prize of $2.6 million, adding more excitement and anticipation to the event.

The Bitcoin World Cup encompasses various categories, including Spot Trading, Demo Trading, Futures Copy Trading, and Futures Trading Contests. Traders have the option to compete individually or as part of a team, enhancing their chances of sharing in the impressive $2.6 million prize pool.

Bitget’s King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI) 2023 competition presents a challenge to traders from all corners of the world. Notably, KCGI 2023 has already attracted over 300 teams in the ongoing spot trading competition, highlighting the growing interest and participation in the cryptocurrency space.

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