Warning of Seismic Activity in Pakistan(Earthquake warning)

Web DeskOctober 2, 2023

Recent observations by Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, associated with the Solar System Geometry Survey, have raised concerns about a potential major earthquake in Pakistan’s Balochistan region. These findings suggest an increased likelihood of stronger seismic activity in the coming days, with a potential peak between 1st to 3rd October, possibly reaching a magnitude in the mid to higher 6 range.

Hoogerbeets’ research has triggered alarm bells, indicating the possibility of a significant earthquake that could impact Pakistan within the next 48 hours. The scientist has detected a significant surge in electric activity along fault lines in the Balochistan region, fueling anticipation of a powerful seismic event.

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It’s worth noting that Frank Hoogerbeets has previously employed planetary alignments to predict seismic events in different parts of the world, including Turkey and Syria. In his most recent prediction video posted on SSGEOS’s YouTube channel on March 20, he accurately projected an earthquake in the Delhi-NCR region on March 21.

While these predictions have garnered attention, it’s important to rely on official sources and local authorities for earthquake preparedness and response guidance. Residents in the Balochistan region and surrounding areas should remain vigilant and stay informed about any updates from relevant authorities regarding seismic activity.

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