Whatsapp introduced a new Feature for its users

Web DeskAugust 9, 2023
Whatsapp introduced a new Feature for its users

WhatsApp has introduced an innovative feature that enables users to display their computer or phone screen to others while engaged in a video call. This function proves advantageous for collaborative work, visual demonstrations, and remote troubleshooting. Essentially, it facilitates convenient online discussions on the WhatsApp platform.

During a video call, users can access a newly added button located at the bottom of the interface to initiate screen sharing with all participants. This sharing encompasses the entire screen content, including messages, and the shared visuals are also recorded and disseminated to others on the call. To prevent disruptions, activating the “Do Not Disturb” mode or a similar setting is advisable.

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The user retains full control and can cease screen sharing at their discretion. Utilizing this capability necessitates obtaining the latest beta version of the app. In terms of maintaining privacy, the app, under the ownership of Meta, incorporates an additional layer of security. The screen recording will solely be transmitted upon consent from the individual sharing their screen.

For now, this update is exclusively available to beta version testers. However, the broader user base can expect these new features to become accessible in the coming weeks, likely within a few weeks’ time.

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