WhatsApp Introduces News feature for ‘HD’ photo quality sharing

Web DeskAugust 18, 2023
Whatsapp Introduced New Photo Quality Feature

Sending photos on WhatsApp has long been hampered by the loss of size and quality during processing. However, a solution is finally in sight. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in an announcement on his Meta broadcast channel on Instagram, revealed that an upgrade is underway. The new feature, termed “HD photos,” seeks to address the issue of low resolution that has plagued image sharing on the platform. This marks a significant improvement and is eagerly anticipated by users.

The key advancement lies in the ability to send images in high definition. With this upgrade, photos can now be shared with resolutions reaching up to 4096 x 2692. This is a welcome development considering that standard image quality options often led to a reduction in image dimensions, often down to 1600 x 1052.

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Alongside resolution, compression plays a pivotal role. While exact details about the extent of compression for “HD” photos remain undisclosed, the promise of improved visual experiences accompanies this upgrade.

Users will notice a clear transformation with the addition of a dedicated HD icon. By selecting this icon, users can choose between the newly introduced HD option and the conventional standard quality. Notably, the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp is known for remains intact, ensuring secure sharing regardless of the chosen image quality. The global rollout of this feature has commenced, although it might take a few weeks for all users to access it. Moreover, the introduction of the ability to share “HD” videos is expected to follow closely after this update.

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