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WhatsApp Introduces Privacy Feature to Disable Link Previews

WhatsApp Introduces Privacy Feature to Disable Link Previews

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature aimed at enhancing user privacy in link sharing, according to reports from various tech websites. The feature, called ‘disable link previews,’ is currently being tested in beta versions for iOS ( and Android (, but it is not yet available to the public.

This feature allows users to deactivate link previews in their chat conversations, potentially safeguarding their data from inadvertent exposure. By disabling link previews, users can shield their IP addresses from third-party websites. However, it’s important to note that this feature is optional and only affects the user who opts for it, leaving link previews visible to other users in the chat.

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WhatsApp’s focus on user privacy is further demonstrated by its adoption of end-to-end encryption. While the app already protects IP addresses during calls, this new update adds an additional layer of privacy during communication.

Technical experts have praised the introduction of this feature, noting its utility in discreetly sharing links without previews. However, concerns have been raised about the potential misuse of unpreviewed links by scammers for malicious purposes. Users are urged to exercise caution and diligence when opening links, especially those without previews, to avoid compromising their data security.