WhatsApp Introduces Sticker Customization Feature: Say Goodbye to the Same Old Stickers

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WhatsApp Introduces Sticker Customization Feature: Say Goodbye to the Same Old Stickers

WhatsApp continues to maintain its popularity as a favorite chat app globally by consistently introducing advancements and new features to enhance user experience. The latest addition is the widely rolled-out sticker creator feature on iOS, allowing users to quickly create and edit stickers from images.

The new feature comes with decorating tools, providing users with the flexibility to customize stickers according to their preferences. To access this feature, users can tap the sticker icon in chat, navigate to the sticker tab, and choose the new create option. If the feature is not immediately visible, users can expect it to become available in the coming weeks.

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In addition to the sticker creator feature, WhatsApp on iOS is introducing upgraded formatting options. The official changelog mentions the release of new text formatting options for quotes, bullets, numbered lists, and inline code. This enhancement enables users to further customize their text messages, allowing for highlighted points using quotes, organized lists with bullets and numbers, and showcasing code snippets with inline code formatting.

Users can enjoy these new features by installing the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS from the app store. WhatsApp’s commitment to continuous improvement and feature updates contributes to its sustained popularity and user satisfaction worldwide.


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