Who is Frank Hoogerbeets? The Researcher who predicted Turkey and Pakistan Earthquake(His previous predictions)

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Frank Hoogerbeets, a researcher affiliated with the Netherlands-based research institute SSGEOS, has been gaining attention for his earthquake prediction methodology, which centers around the study of planetary movements rather than the gravitational pull. In a recent interview with India Today, Hoogerbeets shed light on the basis of his prediction research.

Hoogerbeets accurately forecasted significant seismic events such as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria and the 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region. He shared his predictions on the SSGEOS YouTube page, particularly in a video titled “Planetary & Seismic Update March 20, 2023,” where he anticipated a seismic increase around March 22. This forecast proved mostly accurate, leaving people worldwide intrigued by his ability to consistently make precise predictions.

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In the same video, Hoogerbeets discussed other successful predictions made by SSGEOS researchers, including a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the Kermadec Islands on March 16 and a 6.8 magnitude earthquake near the coast of Ecuador on March 18. These accurate forecasts have added to the institute’s credibility in the field of predictive seismic activity.

SSGEOS has contributed significantly to earthquake prediction with its pioneering software, including the Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) and Solpage. The SSGI is a dataset that calculates values based on the geometric positions of planets, the Moon, and the Sun within a specified timeframe. This index, developed since July 2017, has been continually refined and expanded over time.

On the other hand, Solpage is a software program designed to compute planetary positions, angles, and conjunctions for specific dates or timeframes. It utilizes periodic terms provided by the VSOP87 solution to accurately determine planetary positions. Additionally, Solpage offers the capability to identify specific planetary conjunctions and predict their future occurrences.

Through their innovative software and research efforts, SSGEOS and Frank Hoogerbeets have emerged as notable figures in the field of earthquake prediction, challenging traditional approaches and offering alternative perspectives on understanding seismic activity.

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