Who is Senator Anwar ul Haq the new Interim PM of Pakistan

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Who is Senator Anwar ul Haq the new Interim PM of Pakistan

According to the Senate website, Senator Anwaarul Haq Kakar was elected to the upper house on an independent ballot in 2018.

Prior to that, in 2013 he served as the government of Balochistan’s spokesperson, and in 2008 he ran from Quetta for the National Assembly on the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid platform.

He presently serves as the committee’s chair in the Senate.

His University of Balochistan master’s degree is in political science and sociology.

Consultations with the interim PM

A day earlier, Shehbaz told journalists in Islamabad that the Pakistani Constitution permits the caretaker PM eight days to be chosen following the dissolution of parliament.

On the recommendation of the current premier, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on August 9. This paved the way for general elections to take place at the latest on November 9.

When the legislature is dissolved before the conclusion of its five-year term, the Constitution offers a 90-day window for organising elections.

Despite having obtained an International Monetary Fund (IMF) credit plan, the country is now prepared to have general elections following the dissolution of the assembly and is still dealing with political and economic issues.

However, after the approval of the census for 2023 was announced, former federal ministers from Shehbaz’s cabinet have sparked rumours that the general elections may be delayed. Since it could take the Pakistani Election Commission 120 days to decide on new delimitations.

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The National Assembly was supposed to end its term on August 12 but the prime minister requested the dissolution three days earlier exercising his authority under Article 58(1).

On August 11, President Alvi wrote to Prime Minister Shehbaz and Opposition Leader Raja Riaz to request their nominees for the job amid numerous rumours regarding various potential candidates for the position of interim premier.

According to the letter, the caretaker prime minister is chosen by the president in accordance with Article 224(1)A of the Constitution, with the recommendation of the prime minister and the leader of the opposition.

Alvi recalled that, in accordance with the Constitution, the prime minister and the leader of the opposition must propose the name of the interim premier within three days following the dissolution of the National Assembly, which happened on August 9.

He emphasised that Shehbaz’s counsel was the reason he dissolved the National Assembly on August 9.

Now, he continued, the PM and opposition leader should, within the time allotted by the Constitution, offer the name of a suitable caretaker premier.

Since August 9, Shehbaz and Riaz have been conversing.

The opposition leader was invited by the prime minister for consultation in accordance with the Constitution, according to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) earlier this week.

Shehbaz remained evasive when questioned by reporters about the president’s letter and stated that the Constitution is quite explicit about the process for appointing an interim prime minister.

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According to the law, the outgoing premier and the leader of the opposition may each submit two names to a parliamentary committee if they are unable to agree on a single candidate for temporary prime minister.

The Election Commission of Pakistan would have two days to select a name from the list of candidates submitted with it by the committee if the committee is unable to select a candidate.

The Prime Minister reiterated that the name is most likely to be revealed today (August 12) while speaking to reporters in Islamabad on Saturday.

Before making a decision, he said he will meet with representatives of the political parties affiliated with the Pakistan Democratic Movement and will see Riaz once more.

Shehbaz added that in comparison to his 38-year political career, the last 16 months had been the most difficult throughout his time in office. He claimed that through collaborating with all parties, he was able to succeed on a variety of fronts.

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