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Why Salman Khan is a Prime Target for Notorious Gangsters

Why Salman Khan is a Prime Target for Notorious Gangsters

Following the shooting incident outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence, reports have identified one of the gunmen allegedly involved as gangster Vishal Rahul. Known to law enforcement agencies for his ties to organized crime in the region, Vishal was reportedly identified through CCTV footage.

According to India Today, Vishal is considered a “wanted gangster” from Gurugram, Haryana, with associations to the gangster Rohit Godara, affiliated with the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang. This gang had previously claimed responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and issued threats to Salman Khan.

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Shortly after the shooting, Anmol Bishnoi, brother of jailed gangster Lawrence, claimed responsibility for the incident in a social media post, warning that it was just a prelude to further violence targeting Salman himself.

While Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, has dismissed the threats as mere publicity stunts, security measures have been heightened around the actor’s residence. Salman has reportedly obtained a gun license for personal protection and invested in a bulletproof vehicle due to past threats and his association with gangs known for resorting to violence.

This recent incident adds to a history of threats against Salman Khan. In March 2023, his manager received threatening emails from gangster Lawrence, leading to an FIR against Lawrence, Goldy Brar, and Mohit Garg. In April 2023, another threat was received from a man in Rajasthan, and in 2018, Salman faced threats for violating religious sentiments.

These threats trace back to 1998 when Salman was linked to the killing of a blackbuck during a film shoot in Rajasthan, leading to unwanted attention from gangsters in the Bishnoi community, where blackbucks hold sacred value.

Law enforcement agencies have noted that gangs often target high-profile individuals for publicity and to extort protection fees. Despite these challenges, Salman Khan remains a respected figure in Indian cinema, with recent projects like “Tiger 3” and the upcoming film “Sikandar” scheduled for release in 2025.