World Can Stop Without Kaaba According to Amazing New Research

Web DeskJuly 13, 2023
World Can Stop Without Kaaba According to Amazing New Research

According to a paper by American professor Lawrence E. Yusaf that was published on an Indonesian website and was based on research conducted by 15 universities on The Ka’bah and the Black Stone that is housed there, the world would come to an end without the Kaaba. The rotation of the earth will stop if Muslims leave the Kaaba or stop praying because the rotation of the superconductor centered on the black hole won’t disperse electromagnetic radiation.

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The Black Stone is a meteor with a very high amount of metal, which is 23,000 times more than the existing steel, according to the article, which also cites studies from 15 colleges.

Hajr Aswad is a black superconductor that functions as a microphone to transmit these waves thousands of miles distant, according to research.



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