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AIDS Crisis In India: 47 Students Have Died And 828 Are Infected In Tripura

AIDS Crisis In India: 47 Students Have Died And 828 Are Infected In Tripura

In Tripura, India, 828 students have been diagnosed with AIDS, and 47 students have died from the disease. Indian media reports reveal these alarming statistics in a report by the Tripura State AIDS Control Society, which highlights that 5 to 7 new AIDS cases are being reported daily in the state. The report shows that the total number of students affected by AIDS has risen to 828, with 47 fatalities.

The spread of AIDS has led to affected students in Tripura ceasing attendance at various educational institutions nationwide. Conversely, students from other states who were studying in Tripura are returning to their home areas.

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The precise cause of the rapid spread of AIDS remains unclear. However, the report notes that students in 220 schools and 24 colleges are using drugs through injections, which is identified as the primary reason for the swift transmission of AIDS among these students.

This crisis has severely disrupted the education of many students in Tripura and beyond. The authorities are grappling with how to address the issue and prevent further spread. The use of injected drugs among students is a critical factor in the transmission, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions and awareness programs to tackle this growing public health concern.