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Almost 30,000 People Have Been Moved Due To Wildfires In California

Almost 30,000 People Have Been Moved Due To Wildfires In California

Northern California has seen tens of thousands of residents instructed to evacuate as wildfires escalate amid a heatwave. Approximately 28,000 people were under evacuation alerts or orders following the outbreak of the Thompson fire two days earlier, according to CalFire.

Dangerously high temperatures, reaching up to 118F (47C) in some areas, are expected to persist until early next week. So far, no fatalities have been reported, but 74 structures statewide have been destroyed or damaged this wildfires season.

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Concerns over fire risks prompted Oroville to cancel its 4th of July fireworks display. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea emphasized the severity of the ongoing fire threat, noting multiple recent blazes in the area. The Thompson Fire, which started near Oroville, was reported to be 7% contained by Thursday evening, with nearly 2,000 firefighters working to control it.

CalFire reported four injuries from the wildfires , though details on their severity are unclear. The state’s fire season, exacerbated by climate change, typically extends from June to October, with a notable increase in fire size and intensity observed in recent years.

The Thompson fire began in Oroville, located about 70 miles north of Sacramento, California’s capital, on Tuesday. Oroville is approximately 20 miles from Paradise, which suffered severe devastation from the deadly Camp Fire in 2018, claiming 85 lives.

CalFire spokesperson Robert Foxworthy informed that while the fire’s growth had halted due to reduced wind speeds, extreme heat, expected to reach 110F (43C) on Thursday, remained the primary challenge for firefighters. Two days after the fire started, many residents still could not return home.

Brittanie Hardie, who recently moved from Louisiana to California, expressed shock at the severity of the wildfires, having lost her belongings when evacuated from her apartment. Oroville City Council member Shawn Webber shared a video on Facebook showing smoking hillsides near the city, praising firefighters for preventing further damage.

California’s state parks system noted that responders to the fire included personnel with displaced families who were actively assisting the community around Lake Oroville.